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WhatsApp Anyone

  • Open direct WhatsApp chat

    without saving contact
  • No app installation 

    light-weight · secure
  • It's very SIMPLE

    no need to save number

Simple tool, many use-cases..

Send one-off message

You can send one-off WhatsApp message without saving number, or call

Enquire local business

Need quick inquiry? React our to local business on WhatsApp directly

Quick chat or call from WhatsApp Web

Using WhatsApp Web? Send message or call directly without picking phone to save contact

And many more..

How is this tool helping you? Please share your use-case, and we will feature it!!

Questions & Answers

How to send WhatsApp without saving number?
    It's very simple -
  1. Open this tool
  2. Enter the recipient's contact number in input box
  3. Tap "Chat on WhatsApp" button
  4. That's all. WhatsApp will open chat window with the recipient.

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How to do WhatsApp call without saving contact?

Similar to sending WA message, you will be able to do WhatsApp call.

    Follow these steps to call someone on WhatsApp -
  1. Open this tool
  2. Enter the recipient's contact number
  3. Tap "Chat on WhatsApp" button
  4. Tap call button on right top of WhatsApp chat
Is it safe to use WhatsApp Anyone?

Thanks for asking. While there is no perfect way for any creator to assure their users that their service is 100% secure, I will try my best to answer your concern..

No, this tool does not save any personal data.

The only thing that the web app collects is analytics data (page visits, clicks) via Google Analytics and PostHog. Since contact number is not appended to URL before redirecting, analytics wouldn't collect number with url.So no personally identifiable, private data is shared or saved.

How do you assure your user that you don't save contacts?

Again, I wish there was a way I could give full assurance that I don't collect private data. Except for checking the web app security by yourself, every time before entering the contact number, you will have to take my word on this and trust me.

As a step towards being open, I have open-sourced code on github.

But then, the code deployed on the website can be something else. You will either have to trust this web app (or any website on the internet for this matter) or build yourself from scratch.

At last, I can hire a cybersecurity agency to audit the website, but then you will have to trust the agency :D

How does this tool work?

WhatsApp has an unpopular way to open chat conversation with unsaved contact number - wa.me link.

You can create a special wa.me link (https://wa.me/COUNTRYCODE+PHONE) and open it in browser.

WhatsApp Anyone use the same mechanism, but while offering you added convenience! It's simple, secure & installable website.

Does the tool support WhatsApp Web?Yes, WhatsApp Anyone also supports WhatsApp Web to send message or call unsaved number. Based on whether WhatsApp app is installed, you will either be redirected to WA app or WA web.
Do you have any how-to guides?Yes, we have some guides Read our how-to guides to increase WhatsApp productivity
Does WhatsApp Anyone have Android and iOS app?WhatsApp Anyone is a Progressive Web App that can be installed on your home screen. Most browsers, and operating systems are supported. Do you see a Add to Home Screen link here?

User Reviews

Great work, thank you for sharing! I added the shortcut to my home screen so it is easy to use whenever. Thanks a lot!

Fantastic project. Really hate to save someone’s number just to text them on WhatsApp. Love the source code too, very easy to read.

WARNING: WhatsApp Anyone is NOT for those..

.. who remembers to delete contacts after sending one-off WhatApp

.. who enjoys saving numbers like it's your hobby

.. who wants to WhatsApp their employee on holidays

.. who'd rather send smoke signals than use WhatsApp