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4 Ways to Send WhatsApp Without Saving Contact

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Did you know? You can send WhatsApp message without saving a contact's number.

Yes, there are different ways to communicate quickly, without cluttering your contact list with temporary or one-off contacts -

  1. Create Customised wa.me Link: Compose a URL in the following format: https://wa.me/phone_number (replace "phone_number" with the recipient's phone number including the country code). Then open the URL in your web browser. It will open up the WhatsApp chat directly. The (1) option above uses this technique, with added convenience and easy access.

  2. Use WhatsApp Anyone tool: With WhatApp Anyone, you can quickly send message or call on WhatsApp. Open the tool, enter recipient's phone number, and tap on "Open WhatsApp Chat" button to start a chat with the entered number without saving it to your contacts.

  3. Use WhatsApp's Direct Send Feature: You can use the direct share feature to send a message to a phone number that is not saved in your contacts. Simply open WhatsApp, select the option to send a new message, and enter the recipient's phone number in the chat search bar. You will see an option to send message, if the recipient is on WhatsApp.

  4. Use Message Yourself Feature: WhatsApp lets you send a message to yourself. Send yourself a chat message with recipient's phone number. Then, tap on the number. WhatsApp will open a chat with the recipient.

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